Tracey Wirth

Tracey brings a unique perspective to her work, from growing up in the midwest and living on both the east and west coast. Sewing has always been a staple in Tracey’s life from the early age of 11 when she was luckily forced by her sewist mom to take a 4-H sewing course. Sewing opened up a whole new world to Tracey and she began sewing all things from garments to quilts. It only seemed natural that sewing would lead her down the path to surface pattern design, and textile design in particular.
Tracey’s love of laughter and provoking a giggle has not only inspired her quilting and textile designs but also her illustrations of whimsical characters. Taking a situations from what Tracey has described as her very own “Mr. Toads Wild Ride” is what is usually behind her wicked sense of humor. You can view Tracey’s website at

Tracey Wirth's Designs