Val Smith

Val is fueled by a drive to constantly make (plus a dash of strong coffee). She's a well-rounded art...
60 designs
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Michelle Hemeon

Michelle Hemeon is a graphic designer living with her family in Nashville, Tennessee. She graduated ...
538 designs
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Kaitlin Macenka

Kaitlin Macenka is a leader in healthcare IT by day, and a fabric designer by night. Art is her time...
22 designs
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Kari Burkholder

Kari Burkholder is a self taught illustrator and graphic designer living in Kansas City with her two...
76 designs
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Chelsea Benefield

Chelsea Benefield is a Graphic Designer and self taught illustrator specializing in Surface Pattern ...
359 designs
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Hip Kid Designs

Kristin Worthington is the Textile Designer behind the Hip Kid Designs brand.  Having worked on Wal...
340 designs
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Erin Anne Designs

My name is Erin Shank and I am the owner of Erin Anne Designs! I started my little business about 6 ...
169 designs
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Logan Baker

Logan is a work at home mama living in Arkansas with her husband, daughter and soon their son as wel...
81 designs
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Angelique Zeyer

Hello, my name is Angelique and I hail from sunny Arizona! I love to travel which is good because my...
14 designs
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Bekah Ellis

I’m Rebekah, the creator & owner behind Pickled Peach Co & Bekah Ellis Designs. I’ve bee...
32 designs
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Audrey Brown

My name is Audrey and I have been a clothing designer going on 15 years. Clothing and textile design...
40 designs
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Katy Rothenberger

Hi, I’m Katy, owner of What Katy Makes. I’m a high school math teacher and hobby sewist in centr...
173 designs
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Indy Bloom Design

Mindy, is the independent designer behind Indy Bloom Design. She is a self taught designer who...
425 designs
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Sharyn Arai

Sharyn Arai has been active in the arts community for nearly a decade. Before moving in 2018, she ow...
26 designs
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Blue Dahlia Designs

Hi, I'm Meranda. The lady behind the scenes of bluedahlia design. I am a mother of 4 and a previous ...
145 designs
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Diane Robison

Diane Robison is a mother of five, grandmother of eighteen. She focused on family, earned masters an...
188 designs
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Stephanie Dicks

Stephanie Dicks is the girl behind-the-screen, so to speak, of White Oak Originals.   A h...
121 designs
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Crystal Whitlow

Raised in Upstate New York, I grew up in a town with more cows than people. Always having a passion ...
45 designs
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Amanda Grace Design

Amanda Grace Design Professional. Creative. Beautiful. Combining trained technological expertise...
142 designs
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Mikayla Murphy

Hi! I'm Mikayla! I'm a single mama from Oklahoma. My daughter, Claire, is 5 and my son, Cruz, is alm...
124 designs
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Charlie Rowan Designs

Hi, I’m Ryann! As a design and merchandising major, I've always been entrenched in all things desi...
80 designs
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Tori Egeler

I am a stay at home mom of two! I started selling handcrafted goods in 2018 after my daughter was bo...
143 designs
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Little Smilemakers Studio

Meet Maaike, she’s a graphic designer located in The Netherlands and founder of Little Smilemakers...
490 designs
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Bec Williams

Hi! I'm Bec Williams, an Australian Surface pattern designer and artist. The Grand-daughter of a dr...
32 designs
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Blissful Flamingo Design

Blissful Flamingo Design is the creative studio of Agata Krzyszkowska, a surface pattern designer fr...
95 designs
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Sweeter Than Honey

I'm Kalli Kunzler, a color-obsessed nature lover who gets high on clean, modern design. I've designe...
61 designs
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Moshito Design

Ana is the surface pattern designer behind Moshito Design. She is a self-taught designer that loves ...
145 designs
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Krystal Winn Design

Krystal is a surface pattern designer, illustrator and artist living on a little backyard hobby farm...
46 designs
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Tracey Wirth

Tracey brings a unique perspective to her work, from growing up in the midwest and living on both th...
12 designs
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Juniper Row Design

Jen Glover is the designer behind Juniper Row Design. She lives in Oregon with her husband and 3 yea...
37 designs
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