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Thank you for visiting our page at Carriage House Printery. We are family owned and operated.  Often our four children help with smaller jobs in the shop. This is a business we started with a dream. Not too long ago Michael came home and said that he wanted to buy a fabric printer to print custom fabrics.  Not only did he want to buy a digital fabric printer; he wanted to buy the best printer that had ecological benefits compared to other methods commonly used for printing.

Within a few months of making this decision, our new printer was delivered to our Carriage House. Overtime, we have grown and now have a shop in town that we love!

This little dream has grown and we absolutely love working with every customer to get their designs printed onto fabric. It is truly our pleasure to serve you and we hope to print fabric for you. Thank you for choosing Carriage House Printery!

We are a custom fabric-printing company. Send us your designs, and we will print on the fabric of your choice. Non-Toxic Pigment. Family owned.

We are here to help! If you have any questions please email us.

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